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Thursday, September 08, 2016

New Short Story by Nicholas Gustavson Last Summer

 Luckily I have a new short story out now, written by yours truly, Nicholas Gustavson called "Last Summer" published in the new issue of Effervescent Magazine. You can find it on Page 28-29.  This story was a pleasure to write and thanks to the folks at Effervescent for publishing it. I wish them good luck with their magazine. 

If you'd like to read more of my works, you can find a few short stories I have written as part of the Easy Reader Summer Writing Contest.  "Tasting Class" was the grand prize winner in 2015 and "Naughty Maggie" earned an honorable mention in 2016.  You can also read "Patterns" published in Exposition Review in 2016 as part of their flash fiction series "Flash 405"

If you've read my my work, please leave some feedback.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nicholas Gustavson on GoodReads

I just joined Goodreads, check our my profile here for Nicholas Gustavson. I

I may attempt to review as many books as possible.  Send me suggestions about what books to review, or if you have written a book, send me a link and I will review.

Monday, November 09, 2009

New Spy Novel about Chinese Espionage in United States

It seems that many books are written about the Second World War and the Cold War. But few books are being written about the ongoing spy war with China. I guess it is a big taboo to write about that when we owe them so much money. But The Guys Who Spied for China is one of the few books that tells about Chinese Espionage in the United States. It’s an unconventional novel based on the author’s true experiences in tracking down these Chinese Spy networks that have been stealing American technology for years on end.

The novel is funny at times and scary at others. The writing style is terrific. It’s very personal so I got the feeling what it would be like to be living in that world. It’s the story of two guys, one an old Cold War Spook, and the other a rock n’ roll rebel type. What makes this book really unique is that most of the story is set in California, instead of Europe or Hong Kong. It’s amazing when you learn how long Chinese Espionage has been going on and how we sometimes end up looking the other way.


Monday, September 14, 2009

How to lose all your Facebook friends in 30 days or less

You've heard of the book "How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less"? Well this here's a great way to lose all your Facebook friends in 30 days or less.

Use Facebook status as your personal soapbox.
That's so cool you joined that new pyramid scheme/religion/political movement. Here's a great way to get the message out: Facebook status. Tell your network about it everyday,and give them helpful links to your Pre-Paid legal personal website. Your mentors will be encouraging you to tap your natural market, and thanks to Web 2.0 technology, it's really easy to spread the world to your whole family, your coworkers, current friends, and past acquaintances you've re-connected with over the past year. Make sure to give them the pin code to that Primerca Conference Call.

Spiritual Desert (Dessert?)
It's well known that most people are lost in the spiritual wilderness, and a great way to share God's love is to broadcast inspirational passages from Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life via facebook. People are usually happy to see these messages in the midst of their work day, when the world's pressure is the heaviest. Make sure not to quote the Bible directly; just quote from hip new christian writers.

Politics as Usual
If you are trying to promote a political agenda, remember that although not everyone shares your beliefs, they are really interested in hearing yours. Try really hard to drive the point home by joining political fanpages and sharing this with everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Unsnobby Coffee - Mcdonald's new coffee website

So I finally decided to try McDonald's iced coffee. I got it in the drive thru, so I tried my sip while I was driving away, and I was hit with a blast of extremely sweet, extremely cold coffee. It tastes good, but like anything at McDonald's it's good for the wrong reason; the sugar. Their Oriental Salad is loaded with sugar but you don't realize it because you are eating a healthy salad. But the ice coffee tastes great!

McDonald's unleashed their new marketing blitz with the website: Now serving expresso drinks in addition to their wonderful brewed coffee. It should be interesting to see if McDonald's can grab a share of the dwindling $3 coffee market.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Baking Better Cakes

to bake a better cake, I recommend buying a cookbook written buy a professional baker. sells many awesome cookbooks and they are available online to be purchased while surfing the internet at work when you should be working on a spreadsheet or polishing the office's desk.

An even better way to score the absolute best cake is to purchase one from master baker Uzma Kahn from Sinful Decadence. Her cakes are masterfully decorated with a life long pursuit is chocolatiere. A Master for your taste buds. Just one bite and you are in chocolate heaven. I recommend working out the next morning.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Strand Girl Release New Online Store

South Bay Band Strand Girl releases new online musical store for easy access to download their favorite songs. Strand Girl makes beach music for bonfires, romantic sundowns, morning surf sessions, volleybowl days, or just lounging on the sand with a book in your hand and an IPOD in your ear.